Friday, March 8, 2013

Uhuru for Kenya, this schock all of us



Uhuru shocker: Prepare for president Uhuru Kenyatta

In all my 20 years of political analysis, even I was not prepared for what is unfolding before our very eyes.

I have just finished carefully analyzing the provisional results streaming in from the IEBC and coming from a cross section of polling stations across the country. They tell a shocking story. Not only will Uhuru win the presidency in the first round but he is set to do it with a resounding victory that should give him close to 60 per cent of the vote (or even more, according to my calculations).

Any serious political pollster will tell you that the polling stations announced so far are similar to a massive and more accurate poll (because of the numbers). Remember that a poll of even 1,500 for a population of 200 million will still give you very accurate results.

Kenyans now need to prepare themselves for the consequences of a Uhuru presidency which will include a cold shoulder from the West and possibly sanctions. However the good news is that the baton of leadership has finally been passed on to a new younger generation of leaders which can only be good news for long suffering Kenyans.

Political analysts will want to carefully study how the son of Jomo did it. The answers will have to start from a man called William Ruto, master strategist and the real brains behind the successful Uhuru campaign. Ruto defied all odds and kept the bid alive against considerable pressure and odds which I will discuss here in the days to come as the results become official and more clearer to Kenyans. If Ruto is allowed to remain the real political brains behind the Uhuru administration then this is going to be one formidable presidency with a fighting chance of being equal to task and the huge challenges that lay ahead, including a looming date with the ICC at the Hague.

The Jubilee campaign seems to have successfully positioned itself as the young new fresh beginning the nation needs against the old and tired CORD leadership of much older candidates for President and Vice President. The result seems to have been a massive following from the young people of Kenya (many of them voting for the first time) who for better or worse have spoken rather emphatically at the ballot. There is no denying that the bid was helped all along by the massive Kikuyu and Mount Kenya voting bloc of zombies.


What Kenyans must now do is to try and leave the elections and all the emotions involved with it behind them and rally behind the new administration to find the best way to use this opportunity to speed up true institutional reforms in the country.

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